Established in 1982,

Truck Brokers, Incorporated, which is now known as TBI Motion Picture & Television Logistics, began with a simple phone call to a visionary named Bob Kahn. After 7 years with MGM, Bob left the company as Vice President of Physical Production and moved to his hometown, Orlando, FL.

Unknowingly here would be the birth of TBI

Bob started receiving phone calls from good friends and production managers who needed help moving projects filming on location. A call came regarding a project going on location near Ashville, NC.  Bob, as creative as he is, told his friend that not only could he handle the logistics, but he could also find the suitable equipment and crew that they needed; and through this, TBI was born. The film that would change Bob's life forever and the first complete motion picture that was entirely handled by TBI, was the well known classic, "Dirty Dancing".

When Disney and Universal came to Orlando, making it "Hollywood East", the business skyrocketed adding volume and the scope of the business. TBI was handling movies like "Parenthood", "Passenger 57", "Doc Hollywood", "Edward Scissorhands", "My Girl" and "Miami Vice" just to name a few. TBI positioned itself as a one-stop source for anything to support a distant location project.

As Hollywood East began to wain, TBI expanded its logistics roots to offer its services for the entire country, as well as many foreign locations. The company truly came of age with "Ali" as it filmed in Chicago, Detroit, Miami and Africa.

TBI has had many faces and focuses, however we have always come back to our logistics roots as our main service. TBI has been providing logistics support and management for countless motion pictures and television shows, and the list of credits only continues to grow.

For our full list of credits visit our IMDB page.

TBI was one of the first non-railroad companies to be granted authority to ship via intermodal rail. Our services include all modes of transportation: truck, air, courier, and ocean. None of our competitors can equal to this level of complete service.

From ONE BOX to an ENTIRE PRODUCTION, no move is too big or too small for TBI to handle.